Who We Are

LifeSmart is a leading IoT company focusing on the global smart home market. By utilizing the advantage of AI and IoT, LifeSmart provides you and your family with a safe, comfortable and colorful lifestyle.

Vision and Mission

In LifeSmart, we believe that every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office. On this regard, we dedicate our efforts on AI, cloud service, product design and development. We have the most stable and fashionable product line up in the industry, by continuing improving our user experience, we create values and make significance for customers on a global basis.


LifeSmart is the 1st smart home brand in the online market in China, beyond that, we serve our large enterprise customers including but not limited to Green Town China, Country Garden, Future Land etc, by adding our products into their real estate offers as a standard.

We also engage collaborative projects with Alibaba, Baidu, Samsung and SONY in the related segment, signing agreements with utility companies in the Nordic countries in order to solve the growing energy issue in Europe. Now, LifeSmart serves nearly 1 million customers over 30 countries, creating values for their everyday life.

Company History


Complete the smart home Eco-System, build up the developer platform and voice control platform. Implement the segment solutions for real-estate, hotel, office building.


Into the field of AI, focusing on new technology and application. Become the strategy partner of Huawei, Alibaba, SONY, China-Unicom, promoting the smart home together.


Enter USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia international market. Work with Vanke and China Jinmao in a long strategy relationship. Develop the smart meeting room system with Alibaba Group.


Get the Series-A investment.


Launch the 1st generation of smart home system. Capture the high-end market, and become the leader company in China smart home market.


Get the angel investment.


LifeSmart is established in Hangzhou at the end of 2013, aiming to offer the complete smart home solutions. In the same year, we develop the CoSS protocol platform, build up branch offices in the USA, HK and Shenzhen.


Investor Relations Management

Series B

Walden International

Global hardware and semiconductor investment leader,early investor of DJI and Gopro camera.

BridgeOne Capital

Scientific investment fund focuses on growth period.

Series A


World's leading investment fund with investors of Haier Group and Department of Science and Technology

Angel Investor


Industry leading internet early investment fund

Team Introduction

Denny Dong

Previous UTStarcom Deputy GM of R&D and Product Management, has been managed a multinational team over 500 people cross US, China and India

Ryan Zhao

Multiple engineering management position include Huawei and UTStarcom, founder of Huke (acquired by UTStarcom for $15M)

Steve Wu

Previous Alibaba design manager, educated in both China and UK in art school